Education, Application, Accountability

//Education, Application, Accountability

Education, Application, Accountability

Here’s the ugly truth about “learning” to trade for a living. Every day, the market opens and hordes of traders rush in – wild-eyed, thinking that today is going to be their day. They’re independent traders just like you… but there’s an important difference.

They know more about volatility skews, oscillators, candlestick patterns, and exponential moving averages than you know about your full time job… and they still aren’t making any money.

Plain and simple – if you follow the beaten path to trading success, you are 10 years of homework and $100,000 worth of hard-knocks trading losses behind the curve. And that’s if you stay in the game long enough to make it.

But somebody must be making money, right? Of course! There are thousands of traders out there that pay their bills, go on vacation, put their kids through college and pay off their houses… with money they made in the market.

The market is real and the profits are real… and real people are putting real dollars in their bank accounts – month after month after month.

Are they financial geniuses with Harvard business school diplomas hanging on the wall? Are they grizzled Wall Street veterans who used to “trade the pits”? Maybe, a handful, but for the most part – No, not at all.

In my experience, most professional traders are great people, but they’re not geniuses. They’re not mathematicians. They’re not robots. Most have completely average intelligence. Yet they’ve been able to carve out a highly successful trading career.

Why? Because they know the one and only secret weapon in trading. They make money where so many others lose it because they know…

How Money REALLY “Gets Made”
In The Business of Trading

Making money and losing money in trading all comes from the same thing – Leverage. To understand leverage, you need to know who is really moving the money, and what game they’re really playing when they trade. Most importantly, you need to know how to get your money on the Institutional side of the market and ahead of the profits.

Most trader’s have no idea that what they see in the market, the chart patterns, the set ups, and even the commentaries and picks from analysts are completely manufactured by investments banks and institutional traders.

If you look at the top 1000 US stocks, after October 2011 Institutions are controlling more than 74% of the money flow. So, it all starts with understanding how this institutional money – being exchanged between investment banks and their private institutional clients – creates the waves that we as individual traders are trying to ride.

For an unadulterated look at how Institutional Money Managers dominate market movements – and how you can start betting along with the big players while keeping every dollar of profit for yourself, I suggest you download this free report:

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The Dividing Line Between Those
Who Succeed & Those Who Pretend.

Most trader’s pin their hopes of making consistent money in the market on finding a magic formula or a secret indicator for picking stocks. This corresponds nicely with the fact that most traders don’t make any money.

Despite all of the technological advancement in trading platforms, alerts, order triggers, back testing software, advanced charting, etc… Despite a glut of “market gurus” shouting their stock picks across the airwaves, networks, and cable news programs…

“The Gap Between Those Who Make Money in the Market and Those Who Lose is as Wide as it Has Ever Been.”

Why? The answer isn’t more information. The answer is Applied Knowledge – and the leverage that comes from it.

Think back with me to an old boss that you hated. Why was he your boss? Because he was better than you at your job? Because he knew more than you did about doing it? Maybe. But it’s more likely that you worked for him – instead of him working for you – because he had some kind of leverage that you didn’t.

It could have been how long he’d been there, or how hard he worked 7 years ago before he became an overbearing jerk. It could have been that he knew whose hiney to kiss and he applied that knowledge to get promoted.

Whatever it was, he had some type of leverage, so he got to apply that leverage by telling you what to do. And for that time where he lorded over you as your boss, he was in charge.

Now think about financial markets. Every trade takes place between two people – one who is about to make money and one whose about to lose money.

There may be a zillion layers of complexity added on top of that, but in its simplest form somebody’s going to win and somebody’s going to lose. Somebody’s going to be a hero and somebody’s gotta go explain some missing money to their spouse.

Someone has leverage working for them. Someone has leverage snuffing their financial future in to the ground.

Leverage is the force of life and in trading, leverage comes not from what you know, but from what you do. Not the knowledge you gain, but the knowledge you apply.

I stumbled around in financial markets for years trying to figure out the “secret” of being on the winning side of that leverage. Pure and simple, I wanted someone to tell me how to pick stocks and never be wrong.

I read books, I went to seminars, I took courses – and through it all I did learn 3 very important lessons:

    1. You can find a detailed explanation of every “Super Secret Stock Trading Set Up” – including full charts and graphs – gathering dust on the shelf at Barnes & Noble for $14.95.
    1. Turning your trading decisions over to some guru’s stock picking service is the quickest way to slit your financial throat.
  1. Most importantly, I learned that real professionals – the guys who feed their family, pay their rent, and go on vacation with money they made in the market – are not Stock Pickers.

Write that one down…

Real Money Makers Aren’t Stock Pickers. They’re Traders.

…and they know how to apply leverage like they know back of their hand.

You must understand that this type of applied knowledge rarely comes from so called “authorities.” Self-proclaimed gurus, market technicians, economic prognosticators – they’re all out there devoting their lives to studying problems and theorizing about how to solve them.

But, in truth, they don’t want to solve the problem. Why? Because they love the problem! They’ve devoted their lives to studying it. If the problem ever really got solved, they’re going to have to take their ball and go home.

Regardless, the truth is that…

Making Money Trading is a Performance Based Career,
Not an Academic Activity.

The outcome depends on what you do, not what you know – like bowling or golf, not jeopardy or trivial pursuit. Plain and simple, your ability to trade for a living is based on your ability to show up and perform when the lights are on, the theater is full, and you’re money is on the line.

Trading gurus can introduce you to trading systems, but they can’t make you a professional trader. It’s not the business they’re in.

If you really want to see if you’ve got what it takes to trade as a professional, I invite you to take our Professional Trader Assessment.

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Permanent Progress through
the Science of Change.

As the trading industry’s only career performance advisor, I have almost daily opportunities to talk to real traders and listen to their frustrations and setbacks.

After the first thousand or so consultations, I became aware of a priceless truth – that there really aren’t that many things that can go wrong in trading.

The heart of successful trading isn’t found in theories. It lies in understanding human nature. All traders are human (at least the one’s I know.) That means that we all share the same unconscious buy/sell behavior patterns as everyone else who is human.

When we encounter the cutthroat “real world” of the market, we also fall prey to most of the same tactics of Institutional investment tactics and make most of the same amateur mistakes that destroy our accounts.

In fact, bad trades for most traders rarely come from not “understanding” the problem. Most of us know perfectly well what we’re doing when screw up. But people never really change until they not only understand the problem, but fully own up to it, and every step necessary to solve it.

And as sad is it may be – nobody’s cared about you and your trading career enough to rip you apart so that they can put you back together again in a way that makes sense.

Whatever “smacks upside the head” you’ve experienced in the past simply haven’t been vicious enough.

But, there’s also another equally likely reason – and that is that the people in your life who have tried to set you straight didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. Most people who love giving other people advice are just as jacked up in their beliefs about money as the people who they’re spewing it on.

The true irony however, is that…

The Few People Around You Who Really Do Know How To Make Money Trading, And Are Capable of Helping You Are The Least Likely People To Be Willing To Do It.

Why? Two Reasons:

First, it’s emotionally draining and usually downright uncomfortable to call someone out… to pin them down (figuratively speaking) and not let them up until they’re willing to take responsibility for their life.

But the bigger reason is simply, Time. You don’t fix decades worth of crappy decisions overnight. It requires a very serious commitment of time and mental energy.

For most traders, getting there is going to require an “Intervention.” A violent shakeup to the patterns that have haunted them in the past.

An Intervention based on two key prinicples:

  1. Hard-Core Mentoring Expertise – the Kind That ONLY Comes From Years of DOING IT.
  2. The Advanced Trading Psychology that only a Tested Veteran Coach Ever Acquires.

Maybe you’d prefer a kindler, gentler metaphor, but I’m not going to coddle you.

An Effective Performance Evaluation Really is Like a Vicious Intervention in Your Trading & Your Life.

…given to you by someone who knows the right path.

There is no doubt that it will be startling to have everything you’re doing ripped apart and reassembled in front of your eyes. But it works.

In fact, I owe it to you to tell you every professional trader’s deep dark secret. The secret is that this is the way we all learned. We stood up and embraced the mentorship of some of the harshest (yet basically caring) mentors in the business. And as a private trader who dreams of trading for a living, that’s the way you will learn the fastest.

So, ask yourself this question:

Through all of the good times and bad in your trading career, the ups and downs, the bumps and bruises and heartaches…

Have you ever wished…

Someone Would Just Sit Down With You and Show You Step-By-Step Exactly How To Get What You Want?

After 15 years in this business, I promise you, that is what EVERYONE wants. That’s why I created trader|CEO.

So, if you’re serious about trading for a living, and if you’re willing to stand up and pay attention while I eradicate your false and naïve ideas about how money really gets made in the business of trading, I invite you to explore what trader|CEO mentoring will mean to both the success of your career and the quality of your life.

trader|CEO Mentoring

To the Trader whose heard it all, seen it all, and BOUGHT it all…the trader who knows every setup, chart pattern, and oscillator in existence – but still hasn’t figured out how to make it all pay…

There are…

3 Simple Steps To Learning How To Cash Out Consistent Pay Days from the Stock Market.

First, Gather as Much Info As You Can Get Your Hands On. Second, Get Your Nose Bloodied In the Real World.

And Third, When You’re Finally Ready…

Do Whatever You Can To Score Some Focused, Intense Time With An Honest Pro Who Knows How To Teach

Dear Hopeful Trader:

If you are committed to transforming your trading from an expensive hobby into a profitable career, then the story I’m about to tell you is likely worth many times more than your entire portfolio.

Here’s how it all went down:

I came up with our “Intervention” concept during the first big seminar – when we discovered to our horror that we had more time to cover than we’d planned for on Day 2. So we randomly picked someone from the large audience… brought them up on stage to face the panel of snarling experts (including Todd, Walter, and myself) … and proceeded to grill them on the specifics of their “trading problems.”

And then, as casually as if we were discussing the weather…

We Solved Every Problem They HAD.

We did it just to fill up the time – almost as an afterthought. But those few first Interventions immediately became the talk of the industry. People in the audience were stunned at how quickly we were able to solve what seemed like truly horrible trading disasters.

The traders participating in the Interventions actually looked dazed. Those were problems that had consumed their waking hours, exhausted their resources, and frustrated every other trading “expert” they’d contacted.

I took maybe thirty minutes to uncover the root problems, redirect the trading strategies to solve the biggest ones… and even laid out a quick trading plan with entry/exit triggers, simple money management guideposts , and an airtight daily trading routine that made sure everything stuck.

And what about those problems that each trader was so sure were unique to him alone – and so horrific they were nearly impossible to solve?

Vaporized. Literally.

We brought them up one after another…

It usually took about 3 or 4 questions before
the poor guy on the receiving end of this onslaught
was “on the mat” begging for mercy.

But, time after time we had “the Victim” calmed down and clearly focused on the root problems that had plagued them for years. A few traders actually mentioned that it was the first time they had ever fully understood what had been holding them back for so long.

It happened so fast, some people thought it was a trick. It wasn’t.We never even blinked, once we calmed the “victim” down enough to clearly tell us what the problem was.

It’s a critical lesson:Your first step to fixing any problem is to clearly identify the root cause… in one or two short sentences without any jargon.

It Wasn’t A Trick And It Wasn’t Magic.
It Was Just Experience.

A decade of Hard-Core Mentoring Experience combined with the ability to TEACH – to understand how to communicate and translate all that experience in a way that was easily absorbed and learned.

The business of educating traders gives me almost daily opportunities to talk to real traders and listen to their concerns. After the first thousand or so, you learn that there aren’t all that many things that can go wrong in trading.

And thank goodness… the solutions don’t have to be made up fresh and new for each problem.

Still…. Getting a student to accurately understand and own up to each problem, each solution – even the simple ones…

Requires Hard-Core Mentoring Expertise
That ONLY Comes From Years Of DOING IT.

I assure you, I don’t enjoy crushing anyone’s naïve ideas of how money gets made in the trading business. But if that’s what it takes to get you on the right track, I won’t hesitate to get vicious.

The heart of successful trading is all about understanding human emotions. All traders are humans, and that means that they share all the same unconscious buy/sell behavior patterns as everyone else who is human.

In this way, a quality performance evaluation really is like…

A Viscous Intervention in Your Life and Career…
by Someone Who Knows the Right Path.

It can be startling to have everything you’re doing ripped apart and reassembled in front of your eyes. But it works.

But, I’ve already told you in the article on “Professional Accountability” that it’s almost impossible to find someone who has enough proven experience to help make this type of change in your trading, right?

And I told you that if you ever did find them, they would be one of the most unlikely people to be willing to do it, right?

Hmm… maybe you’re thinking –

“You’re telling me you’re going to sit down and give me exactly what you just told me I’d never find at any price… and you’re going to do that for me, Free?

Pretty Amazing, huh? Here’s why we do it.

You see, I am in the business of mentoring serious traders… traders who are ready and willing to start treating it like a business instead of a hobby. That doesn’t mean they have to spend all day trading. It means they have to approach it with the same effort, focus, and attention to detail with which they approach their professional careers.

If a client isn’t willing to do that, he’ll never find success and he’ll never be satisfied with anything we provide.

And this is a shame, because a lot of the time this guy has everything it takes to make it all work. He just never had the wakeup call he needed. I could take his money and run…

But, if I fail in helping him make a permanent change, he’ll end up…

  • Trading his balance down to where he just can’t stand it anymore…
  • Blaming me
  • And finally… moving on to whatever ends up being the next great sales pitch.

And, if I don’t give him that wake up call, it’s almost a sure thing that nobody else in this industry will.

But, here’s where I get selfish. What most people don’t know is that if a trader isn’t willing to change and start making real progress in his trading, then he’s going to end up COSTING ME MONEY. To put it bluntly, I can’t afford to let that happen to you or any of my other clients. I need your help.

If I Want To Stay In Business, I NEED YOU
To Start Treating Your Trading Like A Business.

Over the past 12 years I’ve performed this type of Financial Intervention for over 7,500 clients. But it doesn’t end with the intervention. I don’t just perform the intervention, and then wish you luck and show you the door.

I hand select those that I feel have the highest likelihood of achieving real success and I offer them the opportunity to work with me and my team on a one on one basis. Over the past 12 years, I’ve seen 1,127 students GRADUATE from – not just enroll in – these year-long, accountability driven mentorship programs.

These financial interventions are ONE of the tools I use to discover and select traders for the mentorship program. If I sense you might be a solid fit, I’ll discuss it with you briefly and set up an appointment where the two of us can sit down together and discuss it in more detail.

You don’t need to be concerned about a high pressure sales situation. To be frank, it’s just the opposite. Generally, only 1 in 4 people that completes the intervention will be recommended to interview for the program. (And… only 1 in 7 people that are interviewed end up being invited in.)

Also, this program is not like others. Your tuition for the Trader Mentorship Program ranges from $7,000 to $12,000, so obviously you’ll need to be ready and able to make that type of investment in your career.

Lastly, you must know that all invitations to the program are given solely at my discretion. So, please do not call my office and bug my staff, or heaven forbid track them down at a seminar somewhere and try and twist their arms to let you in. They’ll simply refer you back to me.

In short, if I feel like the mentorship program would be a good fit for you, then we’ll discuss it.

But for now, what I really want you to understand is…

Exactly What You’ll Get If You Qualify For The”trader|CEO Financial Intervention”:

1. Laser-Sharp Focus On Exactly What It Is You Really Want.

During this stage of the Intervention I will force you to define and explain exactly what you want to achieve in your trading in two simple sentences or less. This “Dominant Desire” provides a sense of focus that is the hallmark of all truly successful traders. It will be the center point for everything that follows.

Let’s face it – you trade because you want more out of your finances and more out of your life than the Average Joe. If you thought of “financial security” as being a 9-5 job, a 401K, and some vacation time each year; you wouldn’t be doing this.

Somewhere inside your mind, inside your heart, you know why you’re doing this. Together, we’ll apply techniques used extensively in both trader and human psychology to help you bring this out into a single defining statement of purpose for your new trading business plan.

2. Unshakeable Confidence In The True Emotional Reasons Why You Want What You Want.

Just as important as understanding what you want, we’ll force you to take a microscopic look at why you want what you want? What are the true base level reasons behind your desires? Don’t be afraid of them when they come out because at their core, they are always emotional, not logical.

This is a personal journey of discovery to define the deepest, most basic values… the ones that are literally compelling you to trade. Once these values come out in the open, it often leaves traders with their mouths open in disbelief.

Don’t be surprised to hear yourself saying “How could I have gone this long without ever really knowing myself and the things I really value in life?”

The result is that we will take your “Dominant Desire” and put it in to action by attaching it to a “Core Motivation.”

Assuming you are of the human species, then you make all important decisions in your life based on a murky mix of emotional logic – not cold hard facts.

Trading is emotional and being in command of this “Core Motivation” is the single most powerful tool for making your trading decisions in the real world get in line with the trading knowledge you have in your head.

A clear vision of exactly how your life will be different once you finally have all the things you want is…

The Most Effective Weapon you have in making all the time and money you’ve invested in your trading pay off.

It acts like a stern but loving taskmaster in helping you avoid the “boneheaded” trading mistakes you keep making over and over. You know the one you just made before reading this!

3. The Uncomfortable Truth Behind WHY YOU DON’T HAVE What You Want Right Now.

Roll up your sleeves, because here’s where we’re going to get to work. We’ve identified where you’re going and what it’ll be like when you get there. Good start, but the road ahead looks like Central Kansas after a tornado.

Where do you start and can you really make it?

Well, if you’re willing to reconsider and re-evaluate many of the things you’ve always believed about how people make money in the stock market, then we’re willing and ready to show you how to shortcut through all of the clutter and driftwood.

One of the biggest obstacles in teaching people how to trade is that …

A Lot Of Traders Just Won’t Believe How Simple The Problems Are, And …
It’s Even Harder For Them To Believe How Simple The Solutions Can Be.

During your Intervention, we will dive into a simple TRUTH that most traders have a very hard Time accepting.

It is that you likely already know enough about trading to do it successfully.

Why is that hard to believe? Isn’t that good news?

Well, of course it should be, but it makes most traders bristle. The idea makes them squirm because they immediately jump to the conclusion that if they already know enough to be successful, then their lack of success must be because they’re not good enough.

Maybe they’re not cut out for this. Maybe their spouse, or co-worker, or heaven help us, their brother-in-law was right and they really are wasting their time and money on a hopeless pursuit. Once you start down that path, only bad things will come.

You should always keep learning because you need to “keep the saw sharp.” But it is true – You probably already know enough. Heck, you bought one of my home study products. What more could you need?

I’ll tell you. What you need is to get in the right mental and emotional environment to start executing. I will give you the tools necessary to reframe your past mistakes and training weaknesses. I’ll help you define a set of trading standards rather than a loose set of hopes.

4. The Specific Changes YOU MUST MAKE Today To Get You Where You Want To Be

I like to get right to the point, so be prepared to listen close, take notes, and take action.

As the founder and President of trader|CEO, I not only perform these interventions, but I also directly administer the program for our students and coaches. I participate in and direct our coaching coordination meetings. I also work directly with each coach to make sure each client is receiving personalized and effective curriculum that matches their career goals.

During the intervention, I will give you at least 3 definite actions you must take immediately… to force the spigot of your “profit pipeline” open. It might be all about your stock selection, or your trading system, or the amount of capital you’re risking on each trade, or… well, the list is long.

On your own, you could struggle for YEARS to find the few simple things you need to do to move to the next level of profits. YEARS.

Instead, I’ll hand it to you on a silver platter, after one relatively short, super-intense Intervention. It really can happen that fast.

Here’s another benefit that can literally double the pace of your progression and results…

By transforming your “Trading Plan” into a legitimate, professional “Business Plan” you can literally set the clock back by…

taking all those training courses you’ve invested in over the years, pulling them down off the shelf, and reinvesting every dollar you’ve ever spent on a quality trading system.

Imagine going back in time and seeing each of these products start to pay the dividends you expected it to when you bought it.

So, there you have it.

Those are the main parts of a good Intervention. I reserve the right however, to go anywhere I see a need to go… to wander into your private life, if necessary… to get to the heart of your problems, and SOLVE the little buggers.

Okay, so by now you should have a pretty good sense of what this is about, and why I’m doing it, and what you’ll get out of it.

But the best part is that, it’s pretty easy to tell right here and now whether or not this is going to work for you.

Here’s how to do it.

First, let’s get this out of the way …

Who Should Definitely NOT Sign Up.

First, please don’t register if you have not been trading for at least 3-6 months. You can be new to the game, but you have to be active. It’s also fine if you have experienced abject failure in the past. After all, getting your nose bloodied in the real world is one of the BEST WAYS to shortcut your learning curve. You know what didn’t work… and now you have a reference point when we show you something that WILL work.

I only ask that you’re currently in motion. As they say, we can’t move parked cars.

Also, please don’t register if you think your trading system is better than mine – no matter how “different” or “unique” you believe your new obsession is.

And most important, please DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT REGISTERING if you are one of those negative, fear-based “suck the energy from the room” skeptics who resist change… and can’t stand anyone else changing, either.


“CHANGE” Is What This Intervention Is All About.

Alright. Still here? Good. This all sounds pretty simple right… well, don’t be fooled.

Because there is one possible outcome in which the Intervention can “train wreck” a trader emotionally. You need to know about it upfront.

You may have the best of intentions, a genuinely sincere desire to learn, and a strong work ethic to back it up.

However, There Is Always The Possibility That
You Are Simply In The Wrong Market

Wrong for what you’re trying to accomplish… wrong because you’re a lamb among wolf-like competition… or wrong because no one has helped you see the road ahead, (and, once you understand what you’re in for, you’ll want out.

Sometimes, the biggest mistake you can make is to fall in love with your dream of making money trading… and that love blinds you to the obvious. It happens, and I’ve had several people walk away from their Intervention bummed out, because the BEST advice he had for them was to go do something else. But, smart clients welcome such advice.

Regardless of the outcome or your reaction to it…

It’s All About Discovering The Truth.

And I will be brutally honest with you.

So, by now you’re may be thinking , “Geez Tim, do you want me to do this or not?”

Okay, I’m guilty. I know I’ve spent a lot of time telling you about why this may not be for you. I really do want you to do it. But, the personalized attention each Intervention student receives makes it so important that we reserve the available time slots only for those who are well qualified, have a good working knowledge of live trading, and are ready and willing to give respect and thoughtfulness to the process.

But, get ready… because I haven’t even mentioned…

The Most Dramatic Benefit You’ll Experience
By Going Through All Of This

(Watch out though, this stuff is pretty personal, I apologize if I get a little mushy.)

Do this with me… imagine that you woke up this morning and miraculously, you were blessed with 100% confidence in every trading decision you made. The river of profits is running steady and strong… the losses are cut short with no baggage and no second guessing.

The afternoon passes along peacefully, the closing bell rings, and you’ve just closed out one of the most successful trading months of your life.

Better yet, you know that the same thing is going to happen when you wake up tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Now here’s what I want you to think about. Take the next few minutes and really give some thought to this.

What would you choose to do for the rest of that day?

Would you do something different than you’re doing right now? Or whatever you end up doing later?

Would you treat the people around you differently? Would they look at you differently? Would there be more happiness, peace, joy, excitement, passion, and understanding between you?

Here’s why I bring this up and the reason I think it’s so important..

It’s because successful trading is really never about the money. It’s about the confidence that comes from the success itself. It’s about the freedom, the choice, the power to live the way you want to live and to give those around you the type of life you want them to have.

As you know, a trader’s harshest critics are often the ones closest to him. Disagreements and misunderstandings about trading often come with a ton of baggage and cause a lot of friction in personal and family relationships.

A lot of things cause friction in relationships, but this is especially painful for trader’s because for most of us, making the future happier, more exciting, and more fulfilling for us AND the people around us is the what drives us to trade in the first place.

But, what will happen when your family and friends stop questioning you… stop doubting you… and instead, begin to understand, appreciate, and respect the incredible vision you have of what your future, and theirs will truly be… as well as give their full support to the work you are putting in to making that vision a reality.

I want you to really focus in and think deeply about this because, after completing this Financial Intervention, you will FINALLY be able to:

Look Family, Friends, And Co-Workers Directly In The Eye…
And Using Only A Few Short But Commanding Sentences…
Convey To Them The Honest And Remarkable Financial
Achievements That Await Them In Their Future.

And then without hesitation…

Lay Before Them The Full And Detailed Professional Trading Plan
On Which Your Success Will Be Built … All While Speaking With
Confidence, Conviction… And Maybe Even A Hint Of Swagger & Intrigue…

Is this getting your heart racing… is your blood pumping? Can see yourself achieving this? Do you believe it?

If not, I’m going to shoot it straight and tell you that you just need to go find something else to do. People make a really bad assumption that professional traders are a bunch of impassionate number crunchers who get a kick out of figuring out complex trading algorithms.

Absolutely Wrong. They are the most passionate, fun-loving, freewheeling guys I know.

So, I want to know – Do you want to feel what it’s really like to achieve financial freedom through trading? Is the road ahead of you one that you’ll be proud of when it’s all over?

Most importantly, do you have a future that’s worth investing in?

Then here’s where rubber meets road…

It’s Time To Decide Whether Or Not TODAY Is
The Day You’re Going To Make The Change

Can you sense the power that a personalized Intervention offers you?

Do you understand how the sense of purpose and power this Intervention will give you can truly transform the way you trade, the financial results you’ll experience, and even the enjoyment and happiness with which you live your life… even when so many of your previous efforts have failed?

Do you realize how rare and valuable it is to come upon this type of opportunity… one that has so much immediate benefit waiting for you, but requires nothing from you other than a small investment of your time and attention?

Are you ready? Good. Then here’s what I want you to do:

Request your kit form

Still Thinking About It? Can’t Decide?Alright then, here’s one final thought…

You know you can go to right now and find five hundred books claiming to hold the secrets of the perfect trading system?

Many of the books are written by former mutual fund or hedge fund managers. How many books are out there claiming to teach you how to Invest Like Warren Buffett? Buffett himself will tell you how to do it.

Walk in to Barnes & Noble and scan up and down the Investment and Finance aisles. Here’s what you’ll find:

A lot Impressive Authors… A lot of Decent Advice…


Absolutely Nothing That Will SHOCK YOUR SYSTEM
Enough To Permanently Change Your Trading Behavior

For all of us, our greatest opportunities for making life changing choices happen when someone we care about… someone who cares about us… slaps us in the face, gets our attention, and forces us to see life as it really is.

It’s startling how many traders go through their entire trading career and never have this experience. And without fail, they come out on the other side battered, beaten, and bitter.. . full of excuses, full of people to blame… and plum empty on happiness and wealth.

So, you have my word – AND MY WARNING… I will treat your trading the way I treat my own – without mercy… because there’s money on the line. This is real business, not high school economics.

Lastly, please don’t choose to do nothing when you know you need to take action now. Don’t make a choice that will leave your trading in the same rut you’ve been in for years. Choose TODAY to make a difference in your life.

For Heaven’s Sake – at least breathe some fresh air. Go out and see the world the way you once did – full of opportunity and adventure. Get back to living your life the way you want live it.

– Tim

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