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Permanent Progress Through the Science of Change…

As the trading industry’s only career performance adviser, I have almost daily opportunities to talk to real traders and listen to their frustrations and setbacks.

After the first thousand or so consultations, I became aware of a priceless truth – that there really aren’t that many things that can go wrong in trading.

The heart of successful trading isn’t found in theories. It lies in understanding human nature. All traders are human (at least the one’s I know.) That means that we all share the same unconscious buy/sell behavior patterns as everyone else who is human.

When we encounter the cutthroat “real world” of the market, we also fall prey to most of the same tactics of Institutional investment tactics and make most of the same amateur mistakes that destroy our accounts.

In fact, bad trades for most traders rarely come from not “understanding” the problem. Most of us know perfectly well what we’re doing when screw up. But people never really change until they not only understand the problem, but fully own up to it, and every step necessary to solve it.

And as sad is it may be – nobody’s cared about you and your trading career enough to rip you apart so that they can put you back together again in a way that makes sense.

Whatever “smacks upside the head” you’ve experienced in the past simply haven’t been vicious enough.

But, there’s also another equally likely reason – and that is that the people in your life who have tried to set you straight didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. Most people who love giving other people advice are just as jacked up in their beliefs about money as the people who they’re spewing it on.

The true irony however, is that…

The Few People Around You Who Really Do Know How To Make Money Trading Are The Least Likely To Show You How To Do It.

Why? Two Reasons:

First, it’s emotionally draining and usually downright uncomfortable to call someone out… to pin them down (figuratively speaking) and not let them up until they’re willing to take responsibility for their life.

But the bigger reason is simply, Time. You don’t fix decades worth of crappy decisions overnight. It requires a very serious commitment of time and mental energy. 

For most traders, getting there is going to require an “Intervention.” A violent shakeup to the patterns that have haunted them in the past.

An Intervention based on two key prinicples:

  1. Hard-Core Mentoring Expertise – the Kind That ONLY Comes From Years of DOING IT.
  2. The Advanced Trading Psychology that only a Tested Veteran Coach Ever Acquires.

Maybe you’d prefer a kindler, gentler metaphor, but I’m not going to coddle you.
An Effective Performance Evaluation Really is Like
A Vicious Intervention in Your Trading & Your Life.
…given to you by someone who knows the right path.

There is no doubt that it will be startling to have everything you’re doing ripped apart and reassembled in front of your eyes. But it works.

In fact, I owe it to you to tell you every professional trader’s deep dark secret. The secret is that this is the way we all learned. We stood up and embraced the mentorship of some of the harshest (yet basically caring) mentors in the business. And as a private trader who dreams of trading for a living, that’s the way you will learn the fastest.

So, ask yourself this question:

Through all of the good times and bad in your trading career, the ups and downs, the bumps and bruises and heartaches – have you ever wished someone would just sit down with you and show you step-by-step exactly how to get what you want?

After 15 years in this business, I promise you, that is what EVERYONE wants. That’s why I created trader|CEO.

So, if you’re serious about trading for a living, I invite you to explore what traderCEO mentoring will mean to the success of your career and the quality of your life.

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