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What You’re Looking For

In the spring of 1987, U2 released The Joshua Tree - an album that would go on to sell more than 25 Million copies. The second single from that album was a song titled “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

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Get Back in Your Cage

My little boy begged me to buy him those pet birds. Knowing that pet birds in the hands of a five year old were probably not long for this earth, I bought the smallest and cheapest birds the pet store carried, Zebra Finches. The birds, as it turned out, seemed quite affordable until I realized [...]

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The End Is Near

If you are like me and you make the mistake of watching television then you are subject to the barrage of ads for gold. “Buy gold and buy it now.” Or, how about “I used to be famous and I think you should buy some gold.” Here is my question, if the total collapse of [...]

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Burn The Ships…

Time and again I hear the often told story of the battle hardened soldier leading his troops to war. Sword and shield in hand, they sail to a foreign beach and make their landing. Crate by crate and barrel by barrel they row their weapons and provisions ashore and stack them orderly on the beach. [...]

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Jerry Maguire Goes To Wall Street

If you have ever seen the movie Jerry Maguire you'll remember that the hero, Jerry, has a crisis of conscience and writes a memo to all of his coworkers detailing everything that is wrong with his company. In the memo he attacks the very system and policies that have made him wealthy and put him [...]

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Risk Free Insider Trading

If you want to trade stock for huge profits using inside information without getting busted by the Feds, all you have to do is run for congress and win. This is an easy one to ridicule so I am going to take the other side of the issue. First, like it or not the world [...]

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You Didn’t Build That

Well I have tried to hold my tongue about the Obama comment that we didn't build our own businesses. After reading the apology put up on the website I just can't hold back any longer. The crux of the apology is simply that when President Obama said, [“If you were successful, somebody along [...]

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Education, Application, Accountability

Here's the ugly truth about "learning" to trade for a living. Every day, the market opens and hordes of traders rush in - wild-eyed, thinking that today is going to be their day. They’re independent traders just like you… but there’s an important difference. They know more about volatility skews, oscillators, candlestick patterns, and exponential [...]

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